Kennedyś speech on the secret power structure in 1963.

(5 min.)





Inside information about chemtrail flights.

(12 min.)





About Georgia Guide Stones.

They were erected in 1980 by the secret power structure.

(6 min., in German)



Their "New Word Order" suggests  to "maintain" (or reduce)

humanity to 500 000 000  - "in perpetual balance with nature".



They demand:

"Be not a cancer on the earth - leave room for nature".






















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Sweden, Linköping 2013

Both  normal clouds and chemtrails

Chemical rifleclouds

... and trees die off.

Unnatural sky at Svartafors

Svartafors parking lot (2013)


Svartafors parking lot (2015)

These are from the same tree, close to  Malmslätt´s military airport.

Piles of dead wood near Malmslätt

Needle trees are also affected

The elm is almost extinguished

Everywhere dead trees. Esp. young trees seem to be affected.

Again huge heaps of dead wood.

Tomatoe shrubb